Wash & Dry Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio

High Shine, Powder Hybrid, Three Colours In One

2.8 g / 0.09 US oz
  • Permanent Press
    White beige / calm brown bronze / black with gold pearls
  • Warm Wash
    White with orange gold pearl / peachy orange / copper gold bronze
  • Green Clean
    Pale white green / lime / deep khaki with gold pearls



1.5 g / 0.05 oz
  • Cork  Satin
    Muted golden brown
  • Sweet Lust  Lustre
  • Blanc Type  Matte²
    Creamy beige
  • Mylar  Satin
    Creamy-white with shimmer
  • Gesso  Matte
    Vivid white
  • Forgery  Lustre
    Sterling silver
  • White Frost  Frost
    Vivid white with icy shimmer
  • Crystal Avalanche  Veluxe Pearl
    White with reflects
  • Brule  Satin
    Soft creamy-beige
  • Yogurt  Matte
    Soft pale pink
  • Gleam  Lustre
    Barely pinked gold
  • Shroom  Satin
    Soft beige with shimmer
  • Phloof!  Frost
    Frosted off-white
  • Orb  Satin
    Soft peachy-beige
  • Paradisco  Frost
    Bright pinky-coral with pearl
  • Bouffant  Veluxe Pearl
    Pale peach shimmer
  • Nylon  Frost
    Pale gold with icy shimmer
  • Arena  Satin
    Soft gold-peach with pearl
  • Malt  Matte
    Soft pinkish-beige
  • Sushi Flower  Satin
    Pinky-coral with pink shimmer
  • Dazzlelight  Veluxe Pearl
    Neutral with shimmer
  • Ricepaper  Frost
    Peachy gold with shimmer
  • Pink Freeze  Frost
    Bright pink with icy pearl
  • Wow Factor  Satin
    Medium lavender
  • Motif  Frost
    Gold-peach w/pink pearl
  • Free to Be  Matte
    Bright true coral
  • Gorgeous Gold  Veluxe Pearl
    Muted yellow-gold
  • Chrome Yellow  Matte
    Vivid bright yellow
  • Grain  Satin
    Golden beige with icy shimmer
  • Vanilla  Velvet
    Peachy-ivory with reflects
  • Rule  Matte
    Vivid orange
  • Vapour  Velvet
    Peach-pink w/violet pearl
  • Vex  Frost
    Beige w/pink-green pearl
  • Bamboo  Matte
    Light beige with peach
  • Goldmine  Frost
    Intense gold with shimmer
  • Honesty  Lustre
    Pewtered bronze
  • Pink Venus  Lustre
    Washed pink
  • Honey Lust  Lustre
    Bronze-dipped peach
  • Girlie  Satin
    Rosy-pink with subtle shimmer
  • Filament  Lustre
    Platinum silver
  • Mythology  Lustre
  • Jest  Frost
    Soft peach with icy shimmer
  • Era  Satin
    Soft golden beige with shimmer
  • Kid  Veluxe
    Beige cashmere (Veluxe)
  • Passionate  Matte
    Real mid-tone red
  • Red Brick  Matte
    Orange Red
  • Retrospeck  Lustre
    Beached blonde
  • Naked Lunch  Frost
    Minimal pink with shimmer
  • Da Bling  Veluxe Pearl
    Pink with gold pearl
  • Soba  Satin
    Gold brown with gold shimmer
  • Amber Lights  Frost
    Peachy-brown with shimmer
  • Idol Eyes  Lustre
    Silvered violet with gold
  • Soft Brown  Matte
    Soft golden peachy-brown
  • Swish  Frost
    Bright pink with icy shimmer
  • Preening  Satin
    Pale mint green shimmer
  • Lucky Green  Veluxe Pearl
    Frosted midtone lime
  • All That Glitters  Veluxe Pearl
    Beige w/gold pearl
  • Patina  Frost
    Taupe brown w/golden pearl
  • Sable  Velvet
    Gold-plum w/bronze pearl
  • Expensive Pink  Veluxe Pearl
    Pink with duochrome
  • Copperplate  Matte²
    Muted mid-tone grey
  • Creme de Violet  Frost
    Pink-violet with gold pearl
  • Electra  Frost
    Silver with icy shimmer
  • Bronze  Frost
    Gold brown with gold-bronze shimmer
  • Antiqued  Veluxe Pearl
    Ash brown with bronze
  • Beautiful Iris  Veluxe Pearl
    Lavender with sheen
  • Knight Divine  Veluxe Pearl
    Black w/silver pearl
  • Brown Script  Matte²
    Warm chestnut brown
  • Shale  Satin
    Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer
  • Charcoal Brown  Matte
    Muted taupe brown
  • Haux  Satin
    Soft muted rosy brown
  • Tempting  Lustre
    Sinfully rich coco
  • Plum Dressing  Veluxe Pearl
    Pinky-plum with metal
  • Humid  Frost
    Intense green with shimmer
  • Trax  Velvet
    Burgundy-plum with shimmer
  • Coppering  Veluxe Pearl
    Orange copper
  • Silver Ring  Veluxe Pearl
    Grey with silver sheen
  • Star Violet  Veluxe Pearl
    Pinky-brown plum
  • Swimming  Lustre
    Hi-shine sea green
  • Stars N' Rockets  Veluxe Pearl
    Purple w/pink pearl
  • Greensmoke  Lustre
    Tarnished olive
  • Mulch  Velvet
    Red-brown w/bronze pearl
  • Texture  Velvet
    Peachy-brown with shimmer
  • Woodwinked  Veluxe Pearl
    Warm antique gold
  • Aquadisiac  Lustre
    Deep sea turquoise
  • Scene  Satin
    Muted blue-grey
  • Moon's Reflection  Veluxe Pearl
    Blue w/white pearl
  • Cranberry  Frost
    Red-plum with pink shimmer
  • Parfait Amour  Frost
    Blue-violet with shimmer
  • Satellite Dreams  Veluxe Pearl
    Plum w/violet pearl
  • Steamy  Frost
    Bluish-green w/gold pearl
  • Blackberry  Matte
    Muted burgundy-plum brown
  • Vibrant Grape  Satin
    Bright magenta violet
  • Corduroy  Matte
    Muted reddish-brown